Here are notes I took as I watched. There are some quote gems in here:

On songwriting for the movie, “Despicible Me,” and wondering what to write, he says, “The answer was sleeping in the question all along.” I just wrote and wrote and wrote until I was done. My wife and I were driving around saying, this feels good.

People around the world were making their own “Happy” videos. Made pharrell cry (on Oprah).

People believed in me for so long, that now I get to do this.

When you were with the big artists, did you want to be the person in front? He accepted that he was the writer and producer. He did want the money, the jets, and the women, but it wasn’t his purpose to take that path.
So many people suffer because they look at what someone else has (on the outside) instead of looking inside to their own truth. Oprah

Why you? You don’t understand what it takes to do this.
“You’ll always come in second if you are trying to be someone else.” Then came 9013 – Pharrell’s year . . . and his legacy-making song, Happy.

I give it up to the Universe because I didn’t buy those records, the people did, the people lifted me up. It’s humbling because it’s not my doing.

With is hit song, “Blurred lines,” he didn’t feel it coming.

He wanted to give back to the women who had made him a star. He says, If women want to shut this country down all they have to do is two things: Don’t go to work and don’t come home.
Believe this: be an alchemist, know that people around you are conspiring to create you as your best.
(As an aside, check out the ad for HARIBO STARMIX, for the child inside.)
September – earth,wind & and fires

You achieve a certain level of success and, no matter who you are, the critics will come after you. Oprah
39:00 you shouldn’t have to find confidence outside of your mirror. I say, “What you think of me is none of my business.”
There are issues. We get judged. Don’t let that run your life.
The new black is a mentality . . . not a pigmentation.
Do things because you are genuinely interested in something.
Your success means that more people can be successful. Period.
“Life is a lesson. It’s a series of adjustments.”

You have to be open for happiness.
Terminally ill patients, but even they felt happy when they heard the song.
Certain things you have to be open to, like happiness.
Other things, the universe can conspire to bestow upon you.
There are some things we can’t change and we have to accept them.
But happiness, I believe it requires a level of openness first.

With this thing called, “Now,” this gift, you deserve to be happy. You deserve that. No matter how much money you make, no matter how much money they take.
You deserve to be happy.
Then you can look to the brighter side of things, and to be open to the Universe. It’s the same for everyone who is going through something right now. With all the hardships, there are things (like bright spots) that you are just walking past. And those could change your life. It’s all about perception.