The Movie – by Barbara Loraine

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.33.08 AMWe know the big success stories:

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, AirBnB, Uber,
Virgin Airlines, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins
(Trademarks shown are owned by respective companies.)

These people and businesses inspire us.  These billion dollar stories fan our desire, but do they really motivate us? If we aren’t in high tech, media, or one of the other industries that have the potential for billion-dollar success, odds are we won’t reach those fortunes.  So, can we really relate or feel motivated to follow in the footsteps of the mega-achievers?

How to get motivated?  There are million dollar (and multi-million dollar) success stories all around us. Million-dollar accomplishments are totally achievable, and your first million can be a springboard to even greater financial success.

Why this movie?

cropped-Screen-Shot-2016-01-27-at-6.11.46-PM.pngIt’s not just the “law of attraction,” as shared in the movie, “The Secret,” that makes success happen.  Although those “ask, believe, and be open to receiving” ideas are important . . .

Success requires vision, planning, action, work, and persistence. With a good plan . . . and implementation, anyone can succeed. Yet most people settle for mediocrity, have under $5,000 in retirement savings, and don’t have funds to pay cash for a $500 car or health emergency.

That is “The Elephant in Your Room”. . . People are achieving million dollar success . . . and you can too. No matter what your age, station in life, education, or how little money you are starting out with, you can create success and build financial freedom.

The message here is:  If they can do it – and they are – so can you!  Seriously.
In the movie, you’ll meet people who built success with real estate (starting from practically nothing), with product inventions that now sell on QVC and at Wal-mart, with brick and mortar businesses, with ecommerce, and more.
It bears repeating, they are doing it . . . and so can you!

Events & Connections  

The motivation and getting into action can begin before the movie.

Video Blog

OnAir Show – coming soon

Interview Road Trip.  We’re traveling the country to interview people with Success Stories, Presenters, and Sponsors.  See map

Along the way, we are making local commentions with Chambers of Commerce, Business Leaders – and more.

Movie Premier Showings.  These are not just movie showings, we’ll present Q & A sessions, networking and more – to make these must-attend events – in over 30 locations. We’ll be making donations to local charities, too.  See map

Survey.  Coming Soon.  Of the business ideas and methods you see here, which do you feel are a fit for you?  Of the attitudes and habits you see here, which are the ones you could use more development with?

Online networking opportunities.  Coming Soon.  It’s not just who you know, it’s who will give you a hand up.  All connections are not created equal.  Most mega-success stories begin with helpful connections.