paparazziFilm Showing & Red Carpet Events

1 – The full day events include V. I. P. presentations by experts who have ideas to share about your success.

2 – Watch the movie, take notes, and get ready to be inspired . . . and to take action on your more successful life. Q & A Session follows the showing. Photo opportunities, book signings, and the best networking ever.

3 – V.I.P. Speaker Presentations – Learn the tips, tricks and techniques that propelled these presenters to their fortunes.

4 – Networking Activity – Meet, Mix & Mingle with the filmmaker, Barbara Loraine, and around 300 local and visiting business people.

5 – Vendor Expo – Table Top Displays will provide resources you need on your success path. Whether it’s Marketing, Funding, Office help or more, you’ll meet people who can help.

6 – Food and beverage included (or available) as offered per location.

7 – Non-Profit fundraising AND Local Awards for outstanding business people

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