Get Real – to Get Rich


We block our prosperity, because of subconscious links to pain.

We must change our associations and beliefs about mont money.

Having abundance, for most people, is the “unknown.”  They know how to have less, so that’s comfortable, that feels better than the unknown.

What we have to do to succeed financially is to build our “prosperity muscles.”  In the same way that we have to work to make our physical body strong, we have to develop yourself financially.

  1.  Free yourself from the illusion that you are not already wealthy.  Wealth is having the leverage to get what you want.  In this country, we have so much:  education, libraries, roads, water, and all the rest.
  2. Like attracts like.  Whatever you hold in your mind expands.  Feel that it is RIGHT FOR YOU to acquire wealth.  If you could have more in your life, then “should” you?  The answer is “absolutely” in every area of your life.  We are equal in our opportunities – not in our choices. People do not all have the same resources.  With wealth, we can help others up; without it, we cannot.
  3. Expand your self-identity.  Teach yourself that having abundance will be better. People make it because they gain access to their potential.  Change your beliefs about money – deserving it, attracting it, earning it and holding on to it.  How?  Show yourself that lack of money equals pain, and that having lots of it will equal pleasure.  That will motivate you to take action – and to make choices that lead to having more money.
  4. Let yourself “reach your bottom”

Here’s the process.

Identify the pain from not having enough money now. Ask yourself:

  1. What does it cost you to NOT have enough money?
  2. What do you think of when you think of money?
  3. What are words you associate with money?
  4. What do you remember from when you grew up, about money?
  5. What are the benefits of having abundance?
  6. How have you linked pain to having money?

See money and yourself in new ways.
Take all the negatives and contradict them, destroy those ideas and add new ideas linked to the positives of having money.

Ridicule the old ideas and make them ridiculous – see a new truth, take away limitation.

Change the old beliefs.  For example, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  Make that, “Money doesn’t have to grow on trees because there are opportunities for making money all around me.  I happily see the seeds of opportunity, grow them, and harvest them – and I enjoy a financial bounty and abundance.

Take your lists from above, and turn them into statements that support the idea – and the feeling – of you creating wealth and abundance.