Barbara Loraine:
– Filmmaker, Director
– Event Organizer, Promoter


  • bl-kcbq b_w -230x230
    • Upcoming Movie – “The Elephant in Your Room” – Ordinary people creating extraordinary success.”
    • Upcoming 30 “Red Carpet” half-day Events
  • Video Blog – Reporting on the Road Trip
  • Video Blog
  • Marketing Clients and Services Business, CashCow Girl
  • Storyteller – Granny B TV
  • TLC Clean & HSN
  • Self-published – $2 a Day Gourmet.  Presented on TV in two weeks.
  • Self-published book & weight loss program, “Don’t Just Sit There – Eat!”
  • TV show producer (interviewing, filming, editing)
  • Business Consulting
  • San Diego Daily Transcript columnist & published author
  • Leadership, salesmanship, team building – corporate trainer
  • Faculty National University, adjunct professor
  • Became financial investment broker, moved to Malibu, then Beverly Hills
  • Taught at Chicago Board of Trade -self-disciplinee
  • Coached ESPN heavy-weight prize fighters
  • Hypnosis stage show
  • West Coast Messenger – delivery service
  • Game Room – pin ball machines & pool tables

The “You Can Do It” Gal

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.36.05 AMBarbara has varied experience in how to be more successful in business, and in life.  With a troubled upbringing and difficult relationships, from an early age, she wondered why people do what they do.  Without encouragement to go to college, she started her own business, then another, then another.

Loraine discovered that a little knowledge can help and she did go to school.  Her undergraduate work was in Business Administration and graduate studies in Human Behavior.  She also acquired certifications and experience with a myriad of performance and productivity technologies.  From hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive conditioning, and more – for personal development – to Situational Leadership, team building, salesmanship and more – for professional and corporate development.  Loraine also took 10-months of Multi-Media skills training and has been self-taught on the technology and internet skills that turned her into the “Techie, Geekie Girl” she is today.

Her focus has been on learning – and teaching – the inside and outside skills necessary to create success.  With marketing and promotional clients, she does the work.  As Barbara says,

“In today’s world, the opportunities are huge.  The playing field has been leveled but, we each have to learn, step up, and say “I can do it . . . and I will!'”